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Musicale New 2

It started with an escape. The Butcher fled without a word, fleeing from one island to another. No one knew what he was running from—or towards. He lived in exile. He worked alone. But what exactly was his work?

Late one night The Alchemist arrived. Quiet, keen, prophetic. A local man who saw what came before and who knew what was ahead. A man who understood the voice of reason would not necessarily be the voice of a man. He turned sculpture to sound and sound into aesthetic scripture. A visionary to some; a madman to others.

The Butcher and The Alchemist joined forces. Their experiments echoed throughout the town in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes, the clanking of gears, other times, distorted cries. And melodies: hypnotic, mysterious, sinister. Hidden things look brighter in the dark.

Together, they made a creation. Its name was Maestro.